06 June 2012

Hua Hin bar girls

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The Bar Fine

If you've met a nice girl in a Hua Hin bar and intend to take her out, be ready to pay a special fee, or “bar fine” to the owner of the bar. This fee is generally split with the girl and called to cover the loss of profit which each girl from the bar staff generates for the owner.

The standard fine for Hua Hin bars varies between 200 and 300 THB. Sometimes girls are permanently living on the bar premises and the bar owner may want to charge you a fine for a 24 hour shift. Just don’t be fooled. Remember that most bar girls are absolutely free in their actions after the bar closing time.

Some bars may even offer you to ‘buy out’ the girl you liked. In these cases the fine will be considerably bigger (500-600 baht or more). Anyway, if you wish to save your money, just try to negotiate it directly with the girl.


The Bar Girls

Let’s try to describe a typical girl working at a typical Hua Hin bar: She was born and grew up in Isaan, the poorest Northeast region of Thailand. She has 6 years of standard public education. She's got a sad experience of working under poor conditions for a low wage (for example, 60 hours a week for $100 a month). She didn’t visit bars or other hot spots until finding this job. A friend of hers brought her into this business.

Hua Hin bar girls, Thailand hookers, sex in ThailandProbably she had difficulties with men at first, but now she easily deals with them and can even entertain foreigners. A Thai bar girl usually has a mild quiet voice and tender manners which attract Western men so effectively. She is not tall like most Asian women and usually wears heels to look taller. Her overall look is very feminine what is very important for doing this specific job.

She enjoys going out with her friends, especially when they have money, gets up late, and eats simple Isaan food. She sends back regularly a part of her income home. Her relatives, as a rule, have no idea about her true occupation (at least, until she brings her foreign “boyfriend” home).

She is a bit reluctant to learn new skills which would help her in finding another job and her views of life are very simple.

Hua Hin bar girls, Thailand hookers, sex in Thailand

This is, of course, a general portrait which can’t be applied to each and every girl working at Hua Hin bars. There are many exceptions from this generalization.


The Duration

When in a bar, you can hear the terms “short-time” and “long-time”. The difference lies in the amount of time you need to complete your “physical communication” with a girl. Short-time usually lasts between 5 minutes (for straightforward guys) to an hour (if you can’t imagine it without a preliminary conversation). Long-time generally implies “all night long” with rates starting from 1000 THB. Anyway, remember that there are no fixed prices in here. The amount of money you pay depends exceptionally on you and your impression on the girl. Hence, just try to make her like you and probably she will do it for free!

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