25 May 2012

Sex in Thailand

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Prostitutes are quite a common scene in Thailand. The highest concentrations of prostitutes can be seen in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Samui and other popular tourist destinations. Hua Hin is not a prostitution-free zone too. Though, there are some areas in Thailand where you are recommended to bring your “temporary girlfriend” with you.

Sex services in Thailand

Prostitutes in Thailand are ready to provide you with both short-term and long-term sex services. Short term services can be ordered at massage parlors (namely, body massage, not to be confused with traditional Thai massage!) and karaoke clubs. Those are common places where Thai prostitutes hang out. In addition, fans of paid sex can easily find a prostitute in a bar or “go-go” where clients are supposed to pay a special “fine” for taking the girl out. Self-employed prostitutes work at discos, shopping centers, on the beaches or right in the streets. Usually you are allowed to bring the girl into your hotel room but some hotelsmay require you to pay an additional fee for this type of guests. And there is a certain category of hotels where prostitutes are not allowed. So, we strongly recommend you to find out the hotel policy on this matter before seeking sex in Thailand.

How to Deal with Thai Prostitutes: Rules of the Game

A unique feature of Thai prostitutes is that they will be happy to stay with you for long. The longer is the better for them. So, if you want to make your temporary “wife” happy, ask her to accompany you throughout your vacation. These ladies will rely on your generosity and expect financial support from you, even when you leave the Kingdom. This is quite understandable given that they have children, parents and lazy brothers, as well as legal or common-law Thai husbands who, in turn, rely on their hard-working girls. In Thailand you can fulfill your secret desires or even make friends with your escort. Furthermore, you can even marry her. You may become her first husband, but you will certainly be the last fool who believed that a Thai prostitute could “quit the business”. These girls follow farangs (this is how foreigners are called in Thailand) throughout their journeys in Thailand. They might be a very nice company. They may have little to ask, smile sweetly and not complain. They even can give you a massage (but not all of them!), carry your belongings or clean up your room to the best of their abilities.

Warning for Women on Vacation

If you are a woman travelling with your male partner, better do not leave him in solitude. Even if you are a bit bored of your long-term relationship, and your husband has a body shape of a potato, he could still become a valuable trophy for a young Thai huntress on duty. Some men even manage to sleep with prostitutes while their wives are taking massage!

Three Sexes of Thai Prostitution

Prostitutes in Thailand are of three sexes: female, male and “in-between” sex. Known as “katoys”, or lady-boys, the middlesex in Thailand includes transvestites and transsexuals. The first are simply dressed and made up like women, but the latter underwent a sex reassignment surgery. Transsexuals are less common because of the high cost of the surgery.

Prices for Sex in Thailand

sex in ThailandHooking up with a prostitute is very simple and inexpensive in Thailand. The price for a single sex “session” begins at 500 baht and can reach up to several hundred US dollars. More expensive prostitutes come from abroad. Hooking with a katoy is also pricier.

The Age of Prostitutes in Thailand

Women of all ages are involved in this profitable business. And they may look younger or older than they actually are. If you want to verify the real age of your escort, then ask her to show her ID card. Bear in mind that year 2012 is year 2555 in Thailand. 543 years is the interval between Buddha's entry into Nirvana and the Birth of Jesus. Some thai hotels may also want to check the girl’s ID to verify she is of legal age (18 or older). Underage prostitutes are the Thailand's scourge, as they say. However, the good news is that it is considered a crime in Thailand.

Prostitution Related Crimes

Please mind that some prostitutes can steal your belongings or money. Thefts are more frequently committed by Katoys or street hookers. But not all Katoys act like that: many of them, on the contrary, help in hunting down criminals.


Of course, nobody will blame you if you want to have some fun and hook with a prostitute in Thailand. Lots of tourists from accross the globe come and search for sex in Thailand. Just don’t lose your mind and keep on the right side of the law.

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